Jezebel's apperence in the movie.

Jezebel is a female beautiful and kind-hearted Rough Collie and Marmaduke's first original love interest before Marmaduke realizes his true feelings to Mazie. At first in the movie, she was Bosco's girlfriend but later left him for Marmaduke in the middle of the movie when Marmaduke wins the surfing contest, but later when Marmaduke revels the truth of the cat he attack in the park was 'his' cat, She felt hurt and returned back to Bosco. When Marmaduke stands up at the end of the movie, Bosco decided to leave, but Jezebel stays thinking it is good to change. When Marmaduke tries to say he wants to be with Mazie, She accepts it and dances with the other canines at the end of the movie. She is voiced by Fergie.

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